Atari Avalon Free Sound Expansion for Omnisphere 2.1 from Plughugger

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Want to take the sounds of the Atari to all new levels and you own Omnisphere 2?

Then you will definitely want to download the new freebie from Plughugger called Atari Avalon.

Atari Avalon is a free sound expansion for Omnisphere 2.1 (the newest upadate that makes it easier to share sounds in Omnisphere and quickly add sounds to the library).

Download Atari Avalon on the Freebies page at Plughugger

On that page you will find other free samples to download including Nanopolarity 01 and 02 + Attack808 (Geist + Samples), ASR=Rez for Kontakt and more.

This soundset is a celebration of the old Steinberg Avalon software for the Atari ST and contains all the original samples as well as all the virtual synthesizer constructions. Apart from providing the raw sounds, we’ve also used the features of Omnisphere to take the sounds to new levels.

Watch the video Atari Avalon free sound expansion for Omnisphere 2.1 on Youtube

This soundset takes us on a free(!) retro trip back to the 90s when the Atari was the king of the studio and Steinberg created highly innovative programs, such as Cubase and Avalon.

Atari Avalon Requirements: Omnisphere 2.1.
Number of sounds: 88.
Format: Omnisphere format.
Style: Pop, Retro, Ambient, Experimental
Price: Free

More info and the freebie download Atari Avalon is available on the Plughugger site.

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