Argon Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Argon Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer Beat Mode

Want a fully functional gem of a synth for just $1.99 that even has a loop recorder?

Well, if you have an iphone or iPad you’re in luck because the Argon Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer for ios from iceWorks, Inc. is a little monster!

Argon has a high quality 32bit floating point virtual analog synthesis engine with 3 Oscillators.

Argon can do some really cool stuff as you will see in this video from Jakob Haq (“stay out of the cold wind my friend”).

Watch the Argon Synth Vocal Synthesis Tutorial on Youtube

At $1.99 Argon is a great buy!

Argon Monophonic Virtual Analog Synthesizer Features:


Waveform: Sawtooth, Pulse(PWM), Sine(to Triangle), Pitched Noise, Formant
AM (Ring Modulation)
Sync (Oscillator Sync)
Wave Shape Modulation (ENV,LFO)
Pitch Modulation (ENV,LFO)
FM Depth Modulation (ENV,LFO)
OSC Level Modulation (ENV,LFO)
LFO for Oscillators
ENV for Oscillators


Filter types: LP24, LP18, LP12, LP6, BP, HP
ADSR Envelopes for filter
LFO for filter


3 Band EQ
ADSR Envelopes for amplitude
LFO for amplitude and pan
Stereo Delay
Step Sequencer (Arpeggiator)
Loop Recorder

Support for CoreMIDI Input
Support for Virtual MIDI-IN and Background Audio
Compatible with AudioBus

Download Argon for ios for just $1.99

Want some free “spacey” and drone (droney?) presets for Argon?

64 + 64 more Free Presets for Argon

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