Arctic Strings Unique Sustained String Library from Frozen Plain

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Want some wide and lush stereo samples of a medium sized string ensemble in a church?

Frozen Strings is the new sample library for Kontakt from Frozen Plain.

Arctic Strings is a cinematic string library designed from the ground up for easy to use ambient sustained strings. It features flexible scripted legato and portamento/ glissando. The interface is built around the northern lights, as you play the strings, the aurora swells and flows to the sound. The library is quite unlike anything else, it offers an unique inspiration experience and is perfect for atmospheric and ambient strings.

Watch the video Arctic Strings UI Overview on Youtube

Real recordings of a string ensemble are mapped across the keyboard for playability – from basses to violins. It features flexible scripted legato, portamento/glissando and regular attack/release articulations. Arctic Strings is not designed to be a technical emulation, instead, it focuses of capturing the beauty of sustained strings.

Listen to Audio demos from Arctic Strings on Soundcloud

Watch the video Arctic Strings Presets on Youtube

Arctic Strings features

Scripted Legato, Portamento/ Glissando.
Basses, Cellos, Violas and Violins all in 1 patch.
Dynamics slider (default CC1).
8 Presets.
10 Effects including delay, sequencer, chorus, reverb.
Automatic harmonise controls – lock to thirds, octaves, chords and more.
Attack and release controls.
Convolution reverb with ambient effect impulses.
Beautiful and unique GUI.
Change legato and glissando speed.
Comprehensive manual.
Advanced modulation matrix allows for setting keyswitches, velocity/CC modulation and much more.

Arctic Strings is available at the Frozen Plain Website

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