Analyzing Beats in Organic Instrumental Music

computer music academy weekly homework podcast beats beat mode

I hated homework! I always will, but this is a really cool video from a podcast by Computer Music Academy that plays some beats and does the play by play analysis of the sound. Pretty cool!

Check it out! It’s easy to listen to in the background while you do other things like scour the news items here at Beat Mode!

Watch the Weekly Homework Podcast Beats by Computer Music Academy on Youtube

“Before there was sampling and the art of it, there was purely Organic music. All instrumentation, no samples, no interpolations and no other frills. Occasionally we have to return to the basics and reinforce our appreciation. This is that week. What you have here is 10 very solid submissions and quite possibly the best Weekly Homework Podcast we’ve ever released. We’ll let you do decide.”

If you’re not familiar with the Computer Music Academy Youtube channel – it’s loaded with great videos on software and synths.

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