Amber Oscillations for Omnisphere 2 by Vintage Synth Pads

amber oscillations omnisphere 2 beat mode

Looking for a new sample library with presets for Omnisphere 2?

Then you should check out Amber Oscillations for Omnisphere 2 from Vintage Synth Pads

Amber Oscillations contains both a new sample library, and 120+ presets for Omnisphere 2. The new audio library was meticulously produced exclusively for Omnisphere 2 at 48 kHz and 24 bit.

One of the goals was to bring the warmest analog pads to Omnisphere.
Another was to add some uniquely complex and detailed Atmospheres.
And still another was to create some hybrid acoustic/electric instruments to the collection.

Lastly, a set of tasty Arps and rhythm based presets. The majority of presets include the new sound sources.

The result is a soundset that has a character all its own, uniquely different sonically from any other.

Since Amber Oscillations is our 11th set of presets for Omnisphere, our previous experiences proved very valuable in producing the samples for Amber Oscillations. Every preset contains both detailed effects and controllers.

More info at the Vintage Synth Pads product page for Amber Oscillations

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