AfroDJMac’s Mode Density Free Ableton Live Pack

free ableton live pack density beat mode

Want some free Ambient Drones, Rhythmic Textures and Playable Soundscapes for Ableton Live?

Mode Audio and AfroDJMac have put together a great freebie for Live called Mode Density Ableton Live Pack.

Density is a sample pack of ambient samples and drones. AfroDJMAc put together a live pack for Ableton using samples from Density.

Mode Audio sent me over some samples of Density and asked me to use them to create an Ableton Live Pack. The result is the Mode Density Ableton Live Pack, a collection of 8 instrument and drum rack presets. I’ve put the raw samples into Drum Racks with controls for filtering, attack, release, and transpose, so you can make them fit the key of your music. I’ve also built some playable instruments, which allow you to create your own melodies with these unique sounds. 

More info on the Mode Density: Free Ableton Live Pack 134 at AfroDJMac’s blog.

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