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Lone Forest Maschine Expansion for Dub Techno and Electronica

If you are like me you’ll wish you had Maschine after

Over 2.4 GB of Samples from Submotion Orchestra Electronic Soul and Loopmasters

Do you desire a large collection of dubstep and

Apex Orbit Expander by Wide Blue Sound

If you already have Orbit for Kontakt by Wide Blue Sound then you surely know how inspiring it can be. Just imagine if you could expand the possibilities… Well now you can with the Apex Expander for Orbit.

Sound Design: Katie Gately

Make sure to grab the free Ableton Instrument Rack This video is from Ableton. Very interesting how Katie embraces sound and explores the world to create her music.

Review: PADS by Umlaut Audio for Kontakt

Do you want a sample library with lush pads and rhythmic pulses?

Google Taking Over Creating Original Music

Is it just me, or is the last thing we need is for Google to be writing songs

Heavyocity Grid II Synth Sequencer for Reaktor

Looking for an inspiring sequenced instrument with a playable synth?

Granular Drum Kits for Padshop Pro

Looking for some new samples and presets to mangle in Padshop Pro?

Review: 80s Synthwave Sample Package by Samplephonics

Are you nostalgic for the sounds of the 80’s? If so you might want to

Review: Eclipse by Wide Blue Sound for Kontakt

Looking to create flowing textures, moving drones and pulsing

Review: Morphestra 2 by Sample Logic for Kontakt

Looking for an inspiring collection of sounds that will keep you busy for hours and hours?

Free Drone and Noise Generator for Max For Live

Like making noise and drones on autopilot?

Eclipse from Wide Blue Sound for Kontakt is here!

Looking for a synth with an endless array of sonic possibilities?

Freebie: 175 Free Drum Sounds

Looking for some 24 bit drum sounds for your music

Bowed Harp for Kontakt from AudioThing

Do you want unique plucked and pad sounds to use and mangle in

Carma Free VST Synth

Looking for a free VST Wavedraw Synthesizer perfect for House, Trance and

Review: Gravity for Kontakt from Heavyocity

Want a truly professional sound library with lots of creative

Cancel that haircut and prepare yourself for an epic production session

Put down your yoghurt, fire up the discombobulator and start

Download UVI Workstation with Soundpacks for Free

Looking for an alternative sampler with unlimited parts and

Project Exodus Free Cinematic Kontakt Library

Want some free cinematic movie style pads, loops and atmospheres?

Polyphylla for Ableton Live

Looking to create rich textures, ambiences and pads? 

Download the Free Giada Hardcore Loop Machine

Want a hardcore loop machine for free?

Luftram Ambient 2 has 128 Patches for Omnisphere 2

Hankering for some inspiring new ambient styled patches for your

Steinberg Absolute 2 VST Instrument Collection

Wouldn’t it be nice to get all of the plugins you’ve been

Download Free Samples from Minimal System Group

Want some one shot samples of classic drum machines? Or maybe

Massive Evolutions II Free gets an Update

Do you want a free dubstep synth for Kontakt?

Ultimate Rides Collection Drum Samples

Want to have an authentic live feel on your productions?


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